Studying Islamic Studies or Islamic Theology - A Guide

February 16th, 2023 | Esra Kara (student at AIT)

The Islamic Studies course deals with the scientific, mostly Western view of the religion of Islam and its cultural and social development to the present day. Foundations of faith, religious law and theological questions are not answered here and there is a very comprehensive and general presentation of Islam and its currents. For someone who wants to research Islam in depth, this course of study does not offer the right solution, since there is never a satisfactory explanation. 

Whereas Islamic theology explicitly specializes in social issues and is a justification for every action and judgment in Islam and explains this with satisfactory sources and logic. The Islamic theology course is suitable for anyone who is looking for spirituality and learning Islamic discipline, not next to but during their studies. If you want to deeply understand Islam, strengthen your faith and find the way to a spiritual life, this course is the best choice.