We are online - Report on how classes are organized at the AIT in times of Covid-19

February 20th, 2022 | Mahdi Kazemi (Office of Student Affairs)

The Covid-19 crisis is a major challenge for many institutions worldwide, especially in the area of education. Therefore, in such difficult times, a high degree of flexibility is more than required. With great gratitude we can announce that thanks to the great efforts of teachers and students, our entire semesters was successfully completed without delay despite the crisis. Within a very short period of time, the teachers carried out the semester schedule in online seminars and created the appropriate material so that the online lessons do not lose quality. The scheduled spiritual sessions were also conducted online. Students who live together in the same household could continue to hold the discussion groups and learn together. All others were able to do this in the form of an online discussion group. Thus, the curriculum was successfully continued until the exam dates, guaranteeing at least the knowledge transfer.


However, a clear balance must be drawn from this crisis. Teaching in the digital space cannot completely replace classroom training. Although the necessary knowledge can be conveyed to a high degree, the social and emotional bonds as with face-to-face are is unfortunately not sufficiently built up through online lessons. Another disadvantage of online teaching are internet and software problems, which can make it more difficult to hold a seminar, especially for larger groups. Thanks to our stable internet connection, these did not occur very often in the current semester, but we take the view that  – in order to maintain the quality of the lessons – this should only be carried out online in exceptional situations. We are thankful to God that we had no obstacles in teaching and that the curriculum was successfully followed.


The following modules were held online:

  • Persian language (at different levels)
  • Islamic Foundations of Faith (Aqa’id) I
  • Arabic morphology (Sarf) I
  • Arabic Syntax (Nahw) I
  • History of Islam I
  • History of the world's religions
  • Logic (Mantiq) I
  • Methodology of Islamic Law (Usul ul-Fiqh) II
  • Islamic Law (Fiqh) VI
  • Introduction to and history of philosophy
  • Ethics classes

With great hope we continue on this path and wish to all Humanity that they survive this crisis with strength, hope and the Grace of God.