Hujat-ul-Islam wal Muslimin Dr. Hamidreza Torabi



Dr. Torabi coordinates the headlines for the Academy and is responsible for the management of the directorate as well as the following areas:

  • Communication and public relationships
  • Further development of the Academy
  • Scientific Research
  • Lecturer training
  • Mentoring





Academic resume


Dr. Hamidreza Torabi, born 1973 in Roudsar (Iran), graduated in 1991 with a high school diploma in Sciences with a speciality in maths and physics in his native city on the Caspian Sea coast.

He then went to the holy city of Qom to study Islamic theology. 

After a spectacular completion of the basic course and the further second level at the Islamic Theological University (equivalent to the diploma), he completed the third level (equivalent to the master's degree) in 2002.


In 2007 he received his doctorate from the Islamic Theological University and with honors reached the fourth and highest scientific level that can be awarded there. Since then he has supervised doctoral thesis at various colleges and universities in Qom.

He also worked as a lecturer in Islamic Jurisprudence, practical laws, logics and philosophy at the Islamic Theological University in Qom, Al-Mustafa University and the State University in Qom until he moved to Germany. In 2011 he attained the grade of Ijtihad from Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammadreza Modarresi, which is the ability to independently extract theological judgments from the religious texts.

He is also a founder member of the Scientific Research Institute for Religion and Ethics (1999), founder and director of the Yaran Sabz Mo'ud Cultural Institute (2007), member of the council of the Parto Thaqalain Institute (2009) and founder of the Islamic Theological University Ayatollah Bahjat in Qom (2012).

In July 2013 he founded the "Islamic Academy Germany e.V." (IAD) and headed it until June 2019.

In July 2019 he founded the "Academy for Islamic Theology e.V." (AIT) in Hamburg (Germany), which has been under his leadership since then.



  • The relationship between the becoming and the eternal
    A theological and philosophical consideration in the school of the philosopher Mulla Sadra. Qom: Sahifa Ma’refat, 2012

  • The Blue Mosque of Germany
    History of the Imam-Ali Mosque and the Islamic Center of Hamburg on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Hamburg: Islamic Academy Germany, 2015.

  • The ambassador of the Shia in the West
    Biography of Mohammad Mohagheghi on the occasion of his immigration to Hamburg 60 years ago. Hamburg: Islamic Academy Germany, 2015.

  • Ghadir, Ashura, Anticipation
    Three key words for introducing the Shia to children. Qom: Yaran Sabz Mo’ud, 2010.

  • Pedagogical teaching measures from a Quranic perspective
    Approaches and strategies. Qom: Parto Thaqalain, 2010.

  • Collection of legal articles
    A comparative analysis of the jurisprudence of Islamic law schools. Qom: Parto Thaqalain, 2004.

  • Sin Sciences/ Science of Sins
    Examination of Quranic verses and traditions about human happiness and misfortune. Karaj: Religion and Ethics, 2002.

  • The Shia in the Sunnah
    A comparative analysis. Qom: Parto Thaqalain, 2001.

  • The Scholar’s Guide
    Guidelines for practicing scholars. Qom: Tabligat Eslami, 1999.