Student Life

What do students say about studying at the AIT?



"Without independently working through and learning the lectures' contents, it is not possible to really comprehend the deeper understanding of Islamic teachings. So you have to be aware that studying Islamic theology requires a special discipline. For us, the traditional roundtables (that is, “mubahatha”) to process the theological content of the course are an indispensable part of the course. For us they represent a necessity for the mutual consolidation of the sacred teachings in our hearts – both for the lecturer and for the critical questioner ."


- Yosef S. (German-Lebanese, 22)

Study trip

“The annual study trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran is undoubtedly one of the highlights in our everyday studies. Experiencing the contents of the course from different point of view in another country and benefiting from a new learning atmosphere are a motivation boost and lead to increased eagerness to learn. You generally try to use the time more intensively. The visits to the holy shrines of the Prophet's Household are also spiritual highlights that give us strength for the whole year. But leisure activities are not neglected either. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country full of cultural and natural sights. The freedom that results from the religious state order opens up opportunities for us to spend our free time, which in Germany we have to do without, such as swimming.”


-  Omid F. (Iranian, 26)



“By providing ourselves with the kind of food that the Blessed One, may He be praised, has made available and provided to us, we show respect to our bodies and souls, which the Lord has given us in trust. A healthy eating behavior is a way of paying gratitude to our gracious Creator. Eating together, which is very important at AIT, strengthens the community, connects the hearts and souls and thus promotes our mental and physical well-being.”


-  Ammar A. (Spanish, 25)



"One of the most important elements in the study of Islamic theology is the so-called "Mubahatha", which means something like "discussion". Here, one discusses with one another about the lecture contents with the aim to understand them more deeply and to better memorize the teachings. The most effective way for me to find the discussion group is in a group of three, in which there is at least one person who has followed and understood the lessons properly. This traditional learning system leads to a memorization of the course content that cannot be replaced by anything else. Therefore, the "Mubahatha" is an integral part of our everyday studies at the AIT."


-  Ebutalib E. (Dutch, 25)


True friendship

“Before I started studying at AIT and met my fellow students, I did not know such friendship and familiarity among students. We basically have the entire university life in common, live together, eat together, share the same leisure activities and have the same interests. There is always someone who is open to you and with whom you can speak. We often do this on walks together. We try to support each other in every situation in life.”


- Hassan C. (German-Lebanese, 24)


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