What distinguishes the AIT?

The AIT combines research, spirituality and self-improvement in one educational institution and thus offers to the students the unique opportunity to both deepen their knowledge and to develop personally in various areas.

Outstanding lecturers


Benefit from the authentic knowledge of outstanding legal scholars of the highest level in Islamic sciences (mujtahedeen) from the beginning of your studies.


Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh & Usul)


An ideal basis for success in the Research Master of Islamic theology, doctorate and Bahth ul-Kharish. 


Spiritual atmosphere


Community prayers, Quran recitations and supplication readings are part of the spiritual program at the AIT.


Progress through self-improvement 


Lessons five days a week, daily discussion groups and a formative lesson in ethics ensure that students progress quickly.


Small classes


Study Islamic theology almost like in private lessons and benefit from direct contact with your lecturers.


We offer even more

Awareness of tradition

With the traditional teaching methods of an Islamic theological seminary, AIT offers a unique opportunity in Europe to learn Islam in a spiritual atmosphere.




Islam also adapts to local and temporal conditions without losing its true essence. It is therefore important that AIT, through its independence from organizations and associations operating from abroad, keeps up the appropriate freedom of action.




Students and lecturers from diverse backgrounds and specializing in different branches of knowledge form the basis for the enormous diversity of the AIT.