Islamic Studies - Wintersemester 2023


Study Islam - academically and spiritually



Take a close look inside our academy and Win 3 full-cost trips to AIT in Hamburg

Islamic Theology at the AIT means: 

Research, Spirituality and Self-improvement*





*extended application period:  September 06th

Why AIT?

The AIT combines research, spirituality and self-improvement in the same educational institution ...

Study Programmes

The academy currently offers three courses: one-year course, bachelor and master studies.

History of the AIT


The first Islamic-theological university (Hauzah) in Germany was founded in 2013...



Dr. Hamidreza Torabi, born in 1973 in Roudsar (Iran), graduated in 1991 with a high school diploma in Sciences with a speciality in maths and physics in his native city on the Caspian Sea coast. He then went to the holy city of Qom to study Islamic theology…


We are accompanied by numerous qualified lecturers specialising in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Philosophy, Morals, Persian Literature, Quran Exegesis, and much more.


The AIT students live on a campus, in a familiar and homely atmosphere. They learn the Arabic and Persian languages as well as the different disciplines of Islamic Sciences.


Study Islam - academically and spiritually