What is the difference between studying at the AIT and other theological universities?

July 9th, 2023| Omid Fashki (Head of the department for Persian language)

Awareness of tradition, spirituality and social commitment are very important at the Seminary (Hawzah) in Hamburg. Students should maintain interaction and dialogue with local society during their training, so that they can devote themselves to their studies in the context of European realities and choose appropriate focal points in order to provide the best possible, adequate answers and approaches to the pressing challenges and problems of our societies in Europe.

Isolation and hermit life outside of society is rejected by the AIT in Germany. In this sense, the study of Islamic theology takes place in a dual way: lectures, exercises and seminars take place in the morning until noon, and in the afternoons and evenings the students are supposed to generate their own income by providing services to the society. Thanks to this close interlinking, students of Islamic theology at the AIT are educated right from the start of their studies to lead a dignified, spiritual and beneficial life, which is at the service of society.