Distance learning Islamic Theology vs. Islamic Studies

June 16th, 2023 | Is distance learning possible at AIT?


Inquiries regarding distance learning at AIT have increased in recent weeks. In contrast to Islamic Studies, which can be completed by distance learning without further difficulties, the general rule at AIT is that only on-site studies are possible. However, due to the current Corona crisis, lectures and spiritual meetings are taking place online, which is similar to distance learning. Since the current situation does not allow for fixed planning, it can currently be assumed that classes will continue online in the coming winter semester 2020/21, should the situation not improve.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that AIT will offer distance learning in WS 2020/21. The final decision will be made by those responsible, God willing, over the next week and will be announced on our website.


Important: The possible decision about distance learning only refers to the short course. The bachelor's and master's programs remain exempt from this decision.


Regardless of the final decision, it should be noted, however, that distance learning in Islamic theology is not comparable to on-site studies. As already noted, distance learning Islamic studies can be implemented without any further problems, since Islamic studies only deal with religion from a scientific perspective, but do not include spiritual and self-educational aspects. The latter are in turn a central part of the curriculum at AIT.

While the knowledge transfer by our qualified teachers can also be ensured through online classes, spiritual and self-teaching aspects are neglected through distance learning. The presence students at AIT benefit, among other things from daily community prayers, Quran meetings and direct contact with scholars and fellow students. Unfortunately, these aspects cannot be realized with distance learning.


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